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Experimental short films rigorously re-evaluate cinematic conventions and explore non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working. Many experimental films, particularly early ones, relate to arts in other disciplines: painting, dance, literature, and poetry, or arise from research and development of new technical resources.

Scout is delighted to share the official selection for this category.

AURORA by Phoebe Wong

(Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States)

AURORA is a social experiment animation project that is about hope. 20 collaborating HongKongers place blank post its on different places all over the world, including United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. A blank post it represents the silent protest against the suppression of the freedom of speech because one may face prosecution because of what they said or wrote.

Age Category: 19 to 24

Bao's adventures by Etienne Gregoire

Produced By Vincent Gilot

March 15, 2020, start of confinement in Belgium. Bao arrived that day, in my little student studio. Two and a half months of silence, watching each other live, getting to know each other. Discover our quarantine, and the story of this little being full of mystery ...

Age Category: 19 to 24

Blue 52 by Catarina Nascimento

Produced By Catarina Nascimento, and Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis

A girl lives in constant loneliness and melancholy, until one day she hears news about the world's most lonely whale, with whom she creates a strong connection. This leads her to change her perspective on life and try to live it more positively.

Age Category: 18 and Under

Camina conmigo by Students of Public School C.E.I.P. Serrería


Made by the students of 8 and 9 years old of the Public School "C.E.I.P. Serrería" of Valencia (Spain), on the subject of coeducation, equality and gender identity. When we are born, we are labeled and separated. But if we walk together, it will be easier to choose our own path.

Age Category: Elementary School - 8 and 9 Years Old

Deadlier than death by Mika Nivola

Produced By Nina Vital

Tired of the death toll the violence has brought in his country, a man goes searching for The Death in order to ask her to stop it all.

Age Category: 19 to 24

Expectations by Chiemeka Offor

(United States)
Produced By Chiemeka Offor

The short film “Expectations” is a 2 part documentary that focuses on topics ranging from colorism, texturism, and the many other pressures of western beauty ideals. 

Age Category: 18 and under

Fairy Tales That Are Not Told Anymore by Faruk Coş

Produced By Faruk Coş

A woman running in a white dress with her hands, arms and legs in black paint in the forest, staining everything she touches in nature, then reaches the edge of a cliff. She does not want to pollute the sea, the last clean place in nature.

Age Category: 19 to 24

Fuga by Rosa Velasquez

Produced By Daniela Mendoza

"Fuga" combines the traditional Peruvian dance of "Marinera" with new contemporary dance.

Age Category: 19 to 24

Go! by Vittorio Campanella, Riccardo Maione, Daniele Condemi, and Luca Pescaglini

Produced By Lucia Carolina de Rienzo

The dancing migration through a day, periphery and body.

Age Category: 19 to 24

LENZ by Amir Hossein Tabbat

(Islamic Republic of Iran)
Produced By Amir Hossein Tabbat

An experimental short film about a man who takes photos and videos as he prepares to kill himself...

Age Category: 18 and Under

Moon Girl Moon! by Anthony Ewert

Produced By Lola von Pfetten

A young girl is searching for paradise in an endless universe. Her journey ends as the Moon reveals a fragment of the truth. Her belief in the paradise merges with the promise of time and tells the story on the edge of reality. The analogy between pain and hope is visualized by using archived film material and typographic art.

Age Category: 19 to 24

PLAYERS by Ava Bounds

(United Kingdom)

A special girl, a cigar box, a dead bird. Today Thea adds a new player to her collection.

Age Category: Middle School - 14 Years Old

Project LIFE by Arjun Rajeevan

Produced By Arjun Rajeevan

A person's perspective to the big question "What Is LIFE" at four points over a lifetime. He finally finds what he was looking for.

Age Category: 18 and under

Quell by Zach-Sabel De Kercadó

(Puerto Rico)
Produced By Zach-Sabel De Kercadó

Quell is an experimental surreal film of a person experiencing an episode of dissociation or deporsonalization disorder.

Age Category: 18 and Under

Syco by Sara Santos

Produced By Sara Santos

Vasco is a boy who shows signs of sociopathy. This is an increasingly frequent behavior in a society where relationships are driven by social networks which favor the emergence of this type of behavior, and the ways through which a true sociopath works.

Age Category: 18 and under

The Yellowish by Hanie Kargaran

(Islamic Republic of Iran)

Our challenges are yellow.

Age Category: 19 to 24

Vacant by Samuel Correa, and Andrea Guzman

(United States)

A young woman walks to her car in a vacant parking lot.

Age Category: 18 and under

With Love by Mily Patton

(United States)

A short film that explores feelings of self-doubt, fear of the future, and a reflection on 2020.

Age Category: 18 and under

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