Join The Scout Film Festival 2023 Screening Committee

Join The Scout Film Festival 2023 Screening Committee
Scout Film Festival (Scout) is expanding our 2023 screening committee!

Scout’s 7th annual festival will take place in Boston, MA in October of 2023!

Scout is an annual, international event and organization focused on building a destination for visual storytellers aged 24 and under worldwide. Scout’s mission is to; amplify emerging voices, build connections, provide educational opportunities, and foster an inclusive, merit-based, equitable pathway into the film, media, and journalism industries.

Last year, we received over 3000 submissions from 109 countries.

Starting in December 2022 and continuing through June 7, thousands of short films of various genres will be submitted from all over the world. Each of these films will be viewed at least once, some several times, by members of the Scout Screening Committee. The primary job of a screener is to thoughtfully view and identify films of interest to the Scout programming team. Our screening committee are literal gatekeepers—often the first people to critically consider a new film. We take this role extremely seriously, while maintaining the intrinsically fun experience of cinema. We value imagination, risk-taking, and sensitivity. We are committed to equity, development, and representation of historically excluded voices and stories both throughout the organization and in our programming.

Scout screeners are required to watch and write reviews for 2-4 hours of films each week. The Screener role and reviews are absolutely critical to our programming process as we seek thoughtful screeners who can recognize filmmaking talent and potential, pointing us towards exciting new work.

PLEASE email our Programming Team at to learn more, and become a member of the 2023 Scout Film Festival Screening Committee. Film experience is appreciated, but not mandatory. Film lovers and people of all ages/backgrounds are encouraged!

Happy New Year!

Scout Film Festival

Scout Film Festival (Scout)—is a 501c3 non-profit organization that produces an annual international event celebrating emerging filmmakers - aged 24 and under - through film.
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