PSA - Public Service Announcement 


- PSA - Public Service Announcements                                                         

A message made in a motion picture in the public interest disseminated without charge, with the objective of raising awareness of and changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

Scout is delighted to share the official selection for this category.

From Big To Small by Veronica Howard, and Asher Meron

(United States)
Produced By Nicole Bahar, Charlie Nevins, and Nell Teare

A plea for environmental justice on behalf of elephants and bees. This micro-film was created by teens who worked with an artist mentor over Zoom using their phones as cameras. It is a production of The Righteous Conversations Project, a collaboration of Holocaust survivors and teens, based in Los Angeles and now in its tenth year. 

Age Category: 18 and under

Plastic PSA by Josh Riemer

(United States)
Produced By Jack Carroll


Please no single use plastics, and take recycling seriously.

Age Category: 18 and Under

Signs can be subtle by Jacquelyn Chin, and Allyson Chan

(United States)

Suicide has one of the highest death rates in preventable deaths. Often times the signs go unnoticed. This PSA brings some of these signs into the spotlight.

Age Category: 18 and under

Wear a Mask by Julen Herrerias, and Manny Fraga

(United States)
Produced By Emilio Boutros, and Andrew Ordieres

When you wear a mask, you protect yourself and others.

Age Category: 18 and Under

You Don't Own Me by Nicholas G. Sims, and William Rose

(United States)
Produced By Jairus Ellis


John tried to explain his generation’s attitude toward race to his father

Age Category: 19 to 24

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